*Interview: Aya Fikry – Egyptian author-to-be*

I can not make the interview public now but I would love to share her lovely words. I am deeply touched. <3


“4 days ago I realized something very important about life.. I realized that the flame inside everyone of us shouldn’t be gone at any cost..

Some of us knew on time the existence of this flame inside them and tried their whole lives to appreciate it.. some of us knew it too early, and unfortunately they ignored it and regreted it later.. and some of us couldn’t find it at all and they spent their whole life trying..

During your life, you always meet different people with different cultures and all you care about then is to discover their way of thinking..
the real thing at that moment is that you don’t explore their treasure as much as you explore YOURS..
you discover a lot of things inside you but you never knew!

4 days ago I had a wonderful meeting with a wonderful German girl.. this meeting unfolded a lot of hidden questions inside my head…
Questions about life, purpose of living a life like ours ..
This meeting had a great influence on me. I wish we could talk forever..actually it still influences while writing those words..

We talked a lot about life, experiences, societies, reading, writing, etc.. As she wanted to know about me, I wanted to know about her.. but in fact, thanks to her, I knew a lot about myself

Donatha, Thank you ” 

(By Aya Fikry)


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